SBL Signature Volume Lash Tray

Break up with the wasteful acrylic case lash trays of the past and get with our much cuter, earth-friendlier option!

SBL Signature Volume lash trays come in our exclusive recycled cardboard packaging cover in pink bio-glitter (meaning it biodegrades). Although we did design the packaging to be used again and again or shared with clients to store tweezer, spoolie brushes, doe foot wands, or maintenance cards, etc. The possibilities are really endless.


Our lash trays include 16 rows of lashes (4 more rows than most companies in the industry, but who’s counting? Psstt… that’s 1600+ lashes compared to 1200) 


SBL lashes are made of the highest quality PBT fiber. This resin fiber material gives our lashes the hair-like feel, which means extremely soft to the touch. Since the lashes are synthetic and made of this material, they do not lose their curl over time and the best part is they’re cruelty-free. No acrylic or cactus lashes here! 


SBL understands that many artists work with their lash extension strips in their own unique way, so we added some awesome features. This includes sizes and curl clearly printed along the bottom and sides of each strip, so you’re never wondering which strip is which.



C, D, LC & LD



C curl is what we call the universal curl. It gives a nice lift, but without the drama.

D curl is definitely for clients who want to turn up the drama on their lash extensions.

LC curl has a straight base that transitions into the curl of a C curl. 

LD curl has a straight base that transitions into the curl of a D curl.

Our L curls are ideal or clients who have a natural straight lash, because of their ability to align with and lift the lash, even under a hooded lid.

SBL Signature Volume Lash Mixed Tray

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