About Us

Hypo-allergenic Lash & Semi-Permanent Makeup Studio in the South Bay offering luxury lash extensions, lash lift, and semi-permanent makeup services, training/classes and eco-friendly, cruelty-free products.

Team Members

Founder/Co-Owner/Lash Artist/Academy Instructor

Drea DiMassa

“Lash Artistry for me was an unforeseen career path that I fell into and then absolutely fell in love with, which can be said for our company, Sugar Bunny Lashes, as well. It started out with a severe allergic reaction to lash extensions from another artist, who refused to assist me with removal when I had an anaphylactic reaction.

As a student of life, I’m constantly wanting to know the how and the why behind everything so I began to research lash extension products, allergies, and how I could continue to get lash extensions. I took it upon myself to take a lash course thinking I could do lash extensions on myself only to find out that it was not safe to do so and although the class left me with much to be desired, I realized I found a new passion. 

As a former teacher, I am enable to encompass all the things I truly care about, like helping and educating others. Lash Artistry & founding Sugar Bunny Lashes gives me a fulfilling purpose to help people feel beautiful, gain meaningful relationships with new people and my community, meet my needs to involve math, science and art in my daily work, and to take care of my daughter, who is the namesake behind “Sugar Bunny” Lashes. Sugar Bunny Lashes has continued to grow over the years into more than just a lash studio, but now includes semi-permanent makeup and makeup services, a hypo-allergenic and eco-friendly product line, and academy that teaches studentsethical and safe ways to do lash extensions along with what they need know business-wise to succeed in this industry. We stand by our values and do everything in our power to give our clients and customers, an unforgettable experience with the best customer service.”

Co-Owner/Lash Artist/Semi-Permanent Makeup Artist(會說中文)

Lillian Tseng

Since I can remember, I've always been fascinated with beauty and art. Trying to find my path with a traditional mindset not knowing this could be a career, I started working as graphic designer, first. It was great with fulfilling my artistic side of passion, but still missing the beauty part. Then after a botched lip color tattoo session, it made me research deeper into semi-permanent makeup. I started learning the techniques in hopes that no one would ever have to experience what I have experienced, not on my watch. A few years later, being a lash addict myself, I found Drea and Sugar Bunny Lashes. Started off as a client, Drea and I talked about our passion for beauty, making people happy, creating a hypo-allergenic and eco-friendly beauty line, then that lead to our business partnership…and we're living happily ever after. I love using my 10+ years as a visual and graphic artist to make women feel their most beautiful, from the moment they wake up in the morning. It’s my privilege and passion to provide you with this cosmetic freedom and confidence. Lashes and semi-permanent makeup keeps you feeling flawless 24/7.”


Lillian’s Semi-Permanent Makeup Artistry encompasses; Microblading, Wei-brow (machine done semi-permanent brows), eyeliner or lash liner tattoo, lip color or lip blush tattoo, and scalp micropigmentation or hairline semi-permanent tattoo.

Lash Artist/Makeup Artist(Habla español)

Rose Martinez

“Ever since I was little, I have always had a passion for the beauty industry. I trained at Michael Vincent Academy for makeup artistry in . I was introduced to lash artistry in 2018 andbegan to grow interest each day. I took a lash course certification with Drea DiMassa and it was the best decision andnext step to my career in the beauty industry. Myprofessionalism allows me to work well under pressure andmake last minute changes all to assure myself and my client aresatisfied with the finished look. One of my greatest strengths is listening and working with the vision my clients have to achieve the look they desire. Seeing the end result with a smile…words cannot describe that feeling. I take my work seriously and am always looking to improve my skills by attending seminars/workshops to be up-to-date with trends and new techniques. I am the one to go to when enhancing your beauty for a special occasion. My skills help people express themselves and enhance their natural beauty utilizing the art of lash extensions and makeup.”


Rose’s Makeup Artistry encompasses; glamorous and special occasion makeup for quinceańeras, weddings, men grooming, as well as, on set work for photo shoots, film & TV.


Lead Studio Manager/Creative Director/Lash Artist

Karyn Medeiros

“I am the "mama bear" of the studio.  I try to keep everyone up to speed on what is going on in the studio, and what upcoming things need to be done.  During our events and photoshoots, I am the one who makes sure each lady is looking their absolute best and everything is running smoothly. Our goal is to uplift all other lash artistsand our clients.I love making all of our amazing clients walk out looking their best and bringing up the morale of our staff and other lash artists. We want every human to look and feel confident in who they are.I am the mom of two sweet and energetic little boys and the queen of side hustles. Currently, lashartistry is my part-time job, as I work full time with special needs students in a school setting. I also have dabbled in party planning/decorating, painting, acrylic nails (which I have stopped due to allergies), sticker making, and as of today, I currently own a Home Bakery@QuaRYNNtineBakeryand sell painted signs and crafts.”

Lash Artist

Jessica Yao

I got my lashes done somewhere else 6 years ago, and did not have a good experience, then SBL completely changed my outlook on lashes. Lashes are such a subtle change, but have a profound impact on our confidence. It was amazing to see just how much more confident I felt with them and I wanted to share this experience with others. Working here is so rewarding getting to see my clients feel so good about themselves. I place high value on listening to clients, understanding their need, and giving a comfortable environment to relax. I strive to achieve beautiful results for every client on my chair with the skills I’ve learned with SBL team.