1-Day Lash Lift Class Course

**Course Duration:** 1 Day (8 hours)

**Price:** Group - $600 / 1:1 - $1000

**Course Duration:** 1 Day (8 hours)

*1 Day (8 hours)*

Class Details

Module 1: Introduction to Lash Lifting

- Understanding the basics of lash lifting
- Differentiating lash lifting from other lash enhancement techniques
- Overview of the course structure and objectives

Module 2: Lash Lift Theory and Education

- Anatomy of the eye and lashes
- Hair growth cycle and its relevance to lash lifting
- Product knowledge: lash lift solutions, tools, and equipment
- Patch testing and client consultations
- Common contraindications and safety precautions

Module 3: Hands-on Demonstration Training

- Step-by-step demonstration of the lash lift procedure by the instructor
- Explanation of each step in the procedure
- Tips and tricks for achieving optimal results
- Addressing common challenges and mistakes

Module 4: Hands-on Practice

- Participants perform lash lift procedures on live models (2 models per student)
- Guided assistance and supervision from the instructor
- Practicing proper technique, placement, and timing
- Gaining confidence in performing lash lifts effectively

Module 6: Ongoing Support and Networking

- Introduction to the course's private Facebook group platform
- Access to a community of fellow students and professionals for sharing experiences and
seeking advice
- Instructor's availability for addressing questions and providing guidance through the online

Module 7: Assessment and Certification

- Evaluation of participants' practical skills and theoretical understanding
- Successful completion of hands-on practice and theory quizzes
- Issuance of a certificate of completion to participants who meet the course requirements

This 1-Day Lash Lift Class Course is designed to provide participants with a solid foundation inlash lifting techniques, enabling them to offer professional lash lift services to clients withconfidence and expertise.

Benefits of the Course:

- Gain comprehensive theoretical knowledge and practical skills in lash lifting
- Hands-on experience with real models under expert guidance
- Receive a lash lift kit and course manual for continued practice
- Join a supportive community through the Facebook group platform
- Obtain a certificate of completion to showcase your proficiency