Professional Brow and Eyeliner Artistry with Official Body Art License

**Duration:** 13 days

**Prerequisites:** None

**Price:** Group $4750/ 1:1 $6000

Course Outline:

Collapsible content

Day 1-2: Introduction to Brow and Eyeliner Artistry

- Overview of the course structure and objectives
- Introduction to different brow and eyeliner techniques
- Understanding different skin types and tones
- Color theory and pigment selection

Day 3-4: Brow Shaping and Mapping Techniques

- Principles of facial anatomy and symmetry
- Brow shaping using manual techniques
- Brow mapping for different face shapes
- Practice on mannequin heads

Day 5-6: Manual Shading Brows

- Hands-on practice of manual shading techniques
- Achieving soft and natural-looking brows
- Creating depth and dimension through shading
- Correcting and adjusting pigment color

Day 7-8: Machine Ombré and Powder Brows

- Introduction to machine tools and equipment
- Understanding the ombré and powder brow techniques
- Hands-on practice of machine-based shading
- Gradual color transition and gradient effects

Day 9-10: Hair Stroke Brows

- Techniques for creating realistic hair strokes
- Choosing the right stroke patterns for natural results
- Practice on mannequin heads and live models

Day 11-12: Eyeliner Techniques

- Introduction to eyeliner artistry
- Lash line enhancement for natural definition
- Creating thicker and bolder eyeliner looks
- Practice on mannequin heads and live models

Day 13: Model Practice and License Application

- Applying techniques on live models (2 brow models, 1 eyeliner model)
- Addressing client concerns and preferences
- Review and evaluation of student work
- Guidance on compiling a portfolio
- Overview of the body art license application process

Invest in your future as a skilled brow and eyeliner artist with our comprehensive course. Unlock your creative potential and gain the expertise needed to excel in the dynamic world of permanent makeup artistry.

Course Features:

- In-depth theoretical knowledge combined with hands-on practice
- Limited class size (max. 4 students) for personalized attention
- Extensive starter kit provided (except the machine)
- Guidance on machine selection based on individual preferences
- Opportunity to work on diverse skin types and tones
- Official body art license application assistance


Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate of completion in Professional Brow and Eyeliner Artistry, qualifying them to apply for an official body art license.

Enrollment Options:

- 1:1 Individual Instruction

- Small Group Classes (up to 4 students)