1-Day Lash Lift Class Course

“Enhance your expertise with our 1-Day Lash Lift Class: Master theory, refine technique, and connect with a community, all while transforming lashes and earning certification."

Price: Group $600/ 1:1 $1000

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2-Day Classic Lash Training Course

"Join our intensive 2-day Classic Lash Training to master lash application, hygiene, and small business setup, with hands-on practice on live models, culminating in an official certification of expertise."

Price: Group $800/ 1:1 $1200

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3-Day Volume Training Course

"Elevate your lash artistry with our intensive 3-Day Volume Training Course, where you'll master advanced techniques through theory, hands-on practice, and client interaction, earning a certification upon completion."

Price: Group $1200/ 1:1 $1600

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Mastering Mega Volume Fan Techniques Workshop

“Raise your lash extension prowess in our one-day immersive workshop, where you'll perfect the art of crafting mega volume fans, leaving clients spellbound. Unveil the secrets to unparalleled volume and receive certification and a premium kit.”

Price: Group $350/ 1:1 $750

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Professional Brow and Eyeliner Artistry with Official Body Art License

“Establish your artistry with our 13-day intensive Professional Brow and Eyeliner Artistry course, mastering diverse techniques through hands-on practice on live models and securing an official body art license upon completion. Join a limited-size class for personalized guidance, extensive starter kit, and a comprehensive curriculum encompassing manual and machine- based brow and eyeliner techniques.”

Price: Group $4750/ 1:1 $6000

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Advanced Eyeliner Techniques

"Develop your semi-permanent makeup expertise with our Advanced Eyeliner Techniques class, tailored for licensed professionals seeking to master lash enhancement, thicker eyeliner, and subtle winged styles in a personalized, small-group setting."

Price: Group $52000/ 1:1 $52500

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