Advanced Eyeliner Techniques

**Duration:** 4 days

**Prerequisites:** None

**Price:** Group $5200/ 1:1 $5250

Course Outline:

Class Details

Day 1: Foundation and Introduction

- Overview of the course structure and objectives
- Review of the students' basic SPMU knowledge
- Importance of client consultation and understanding their expectations
- Discussion of safety and hygiene practices specific to eyeliner procedures

Day 2: Lash Enhancing Eyeliner

- Understanding the concept of lash enhancement and its benefits
- Techniques for creating a natural and subtle eyeliner look
- Selection of pigment colors that complement various eye tones
- Hands-on practice on practice skin with focus on lash enhancement

Day 3: Thicker Eyeliner Techniques

- Exploring the transition from lash enhancement to thicker eyeliner
- Different styles of thicker eyeliner and their applications
- Color theory and pigment selection for bolder eyeliner
- Practical session on models: creating thicker eyeliner looks

Day 4: Winged Eyeliner and Model Practice

- Pros and cons of winged eyeliner for different eye shapes
- Demonstrating the winged eyeliner technique step by step
- Discussion on why winged eyeliner might not be suitable for all clients
- Practical session on models: applying winged eyeliner

Additional Modules:

- **Client Consultation and Consent:** Best practices for conducting thorough consultations,
setting realistic expectations, and obtaining client consent.
- **Color Theory and Pigment Mixing:** In-depth exploration of color theory and hands-on
experience in mixing pigments for customized eyeliner shades.
- **Anatomy of the Eye:** Understanding the anatomy of the eye and its relevance to eyeliner
procedures for safe and effective application.
- **Troubleshooting and Corrections:** Strategies for identifying and correcting potential
issues or mistakes in eyeliner procedures.

The course structure and content can be adjusted based on the learning pace and needs of the students. Practical sessions on models are a crucial component of the course to provide hands-on experience and build confidence in applying the learned techniques.

Final Assessment and Certification:

- Each student will demonstrate their proficiency in lash enhancing, thicker, and winged
eyeliner techniques on a model.
- An assessment of theoretical knowledge and practical skills.
- Certification awarded to successful students, recognizing their advanced eyeliner expertise.