2-Day Classic Lash Training

**Duration:** 2 days (6 hours each day)

**Prerequisites:** None

**Price** : Group $800/ 1:1 $1200

Day 1: Part 1

*Duration: 6 hours*

Class Details

Session 1: Introduction to Classic Lash Application and Lash 101

- Overview of classic lash extension technique
- Understanding lash types, curls, and lengths
- Basic lash anatomy and growth cycle

Session 2: Proper Hygiene and Sanitation Practices

- Importance of maintaining a clean and sterile work environment
- Personal hygiene for lash artists
- Disinfection of tools and equipment

Session 3: Lash Application Techniques

- Step-by-step guide to classic lash application
- Proper isolation of natural lashes
- Creating lash fans for a natural look

Session 4: Tips and Tricks for Achieving Exceptional Results

- Navigating common challenges in lash application
- Achieving symmetry and lash balance
- Client consultation and customization

Session 5: Small Business Setup for Lash Artists

- Basics of setting up a lash business
- Marketing and branding strategies
- Pricing, client management, and appointment scheduling

Session 6: Live Model Application

- Practical hands-on experience on a live model
- Guided application practice under instructor supervision
- Individualized feedback and correction

Day 2: Part 2

*Duration: 6 hours*

Class Details

Session 7: Lash Removal Techniques

- Safe and effective lash extension removal
- Minimizing damage to natural lashes
- Choosing the right products for removal

Session 8: Fill Application on Live Model

- Understanding lash growth and fill cycles
- Proper isolation of grown-out lashes
- Efficient fill application techniques

Session 9: Certification and Conclusion

- Recap of key concepts from both days
- Q&A session for participants
- Distribution of certificates of completion

This comprehensive 2-day Classic Lash Training aims to empower participants with the skillsand knowledge needed to excel in the art of lash application while ensuring a strongfoundation in hygiene, theory, and business practices.


Participants will receive an official certification upon successful completion of both Part 1 and
Part 2 of the Classic Lash Training. The certification serves as a testament to their proficiency
in lash application techniques, hygiene practices, and small business setup guidance.


- Training kit containing essential lash application tools
- Comprehensive manual detailing course content
- Hands-on experience with a live model
- Official certification upon successful completion


It is mandatory for all participants to attend both days of the training to receive the certification.

Course content and schedule subject to minor adjustments based on instructor discretion.